In order to achieve the project goal three main tasks will be addressed:

1. Integration and improvement of two existing platforms, developed in Italy and Switzerland (UpTech/DomeSafety). These platforms will be updated with additional sensors and bidirectional communication protocols.

2. Implementation of a system for behavioural analysis which leverages the potential of a self-learning, adaptive algorithms and allows a constant interaction between the users (both PwD and their caregivers) and the platform.

3. Testing the updated and integrated ICT solution in a real-life settings scenario within the framework of a 12-months trial involving PwD-caregivers dyads in four European Countries.

By contributing to the ability of the People with Dementia to live independently in their house, the Home4Dem platform is expected to improve their quality of life and postpone unnecessary institutionalisation. In addition, the platform will support informal and formal carers in their daily tasks: by reducing the time spent in monitoring activities, the platform is expected to reduce their burden of care.